Nickel content in foods       

A “dynamic sorting” table of Nickel in foods content

(Nickel μg. in 100 gr. of edible portion)

1) Mean Nickel content, but in rare cases may vary significantly
2) The nickel content in Avocado is very variable, and can also be very high. It is not advisable to take Avocado in a low Nickel diet.


People suffering from intolerance or allergy to nickel, often benefit from a daily diet containing less than 250 μg Nickel.

Consulting the table of nickel in foods content, it is easy to calculate the total amount of nickel taken daily:

  1. Make a list of the foods eaten daily with the weight in grams
  2. For each food item on the list, look in the table the value of the corresponding nickel and multiply it by the weight in grams
  3. Divide the result by 100 and write it down next to the food list
  4. Once you have finished these steps for each food on the list, add up all the values obtained and you will get the daily total content of nickel



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